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Exterior Detailing

If you're interested in results that last years not just weeks, then I believe we're on the same page...

Ceramic Coatings

Professional grade Ceramic Coatings, prepped and installed by a certified installer...Forget waxing.

Interior Detailing

From a simple maintenance detail to a complete interior resurrection, we want your car to feel new to you again.

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"The" Craftsman Style Detailing Location of Verona, Wisconsin.

We offer tried and true methods of professional detailing for results that you can not only see but feel...Our results are not rushed...Care is taken in every step, that is what our clients love about us the most.


Whether you schedule a Ceramic Coating or an Interior Detail, a set of steps will be followed to ensure the results from the service selected are on point each and every time. 

Raines Auto Detail (RAD)

Licensed and Insured Ceramic Coating Specialist located in Verona Wisconsin, Hometown USA!


SB3 Ceramic Coatings Certified Installer

Services by Appointment Only

Message us at RainesAutoDetail@gmail.com with any questions!

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Due to Covid-19 we are taking extra precautions to comply with guidelines and keep ourselves and the community safe.

 If you prefer to socially distance please utilize our lock box  the day of your appointment, located on the shop door to the right of the garage door. This practice ensures we are not in contact with one another and the appointment can be as touchless as possible. This practice has rapidly grown in popularity, if you choose this option let us know prior to the appointment so we can make sure the spare lock box key is present before your arrival, you will need that to access your key upon pickup.

Fortunately we were already utilizing URABLE, (our booking software) which enables us to email you an invoice once the service is completed, eliminating the need to touch your card.

Our online contact form and our online store is ready to allow you to seamlessly schedule your appointment, and of course our email is RainesAutoDetail@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Of course dropping off in person is always an option, but for the time being please wear a mask so we can comply with our community guidelines.

Thank you to all medical professionals on the front lines, your sacrifice hasn't gone unnoticed. 

E-Gift cards available!

A surprise gift to put towards one of our Ceramic Coatings or Detail Services!



Thanks for checking out our website!


My name is Josh Raines, I'm the owner and operator of Raines Auto Detail. I started this business to provide a low volume/high detail option for the Verona area. Training and specializing in professional grade ceramic coatings and advanced paint correction techniques has allowed me to bring terrific value to my clients for years to come. 

Through professional training, education and of course some trial and error I have built a system of practices that I apply to each vehicle to get rock solid results every time. Applying that knowledge to my clients vehicles is a great passion of mine, and sharing it is one I also enjoy.

Having trained with some of the most renowned  professionals in the industry such as Matthew Ardent in Chicago and "Wet Sanding Guru" Jason Kilmer out of Seattle you can rest assured your vehicle is in practiced hands.