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Maintenance Detailing

A maintenance plan is a scheduled, regular car detailing on a consistent basis. How often that will be varies from customer to customer. To be considered a maintenance detail, it must take place within a time frame of two months, after that the car is dirty enough to require of our our normal detail packages. A maintenance detail is naturally considerably less expensive than a full detail because it happens on a consistent basis, so the car doesn't have enough time to accumulate the level of grime necessary to warrant the regular full price. Because of this a maintenance detail does not include all the tools and methods a normal detail does. Two service that are left out of a maintenance detail is carpet shampooing and steaming of the interior.  It is for reasons like these that many of my clients are on a maintenance detail plan, because not only do you get your car detailed/cleaned on a regular basis, but it is also much cheaper than a regular detail. My ceramic coating customers are always advised to consider at least the 3-4 weeks plan so a professional can monitor their coating and address any further questions should they arise.

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