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Advantages of a maintenance plan

There are many advantages to being apart of a maintenance detail plan, beginning with the most obvious, its less expensive. Because the car is seen on a regular basis, it doesn't require the same amount of product, time, and cleaning that a one-time customer's car requires. It's for these reason's and more that a maintenance plan does not cost the same as the normal full detail would cost.  "Maintenance is better than the cure." I'm sure this is probably very self explanatory, but there are people who leave their cars to collect so much dirt and salt that by the time they call me, it cannot be restored to perfection, or even worse the car has begun to rust and now you need a body shop. Allowing a professional detailer to regularly detail your car will keep it in like new condition because dirt is not allowed to sit for an extended period of time, keeping it from becoming a permanent fixture of your car.


Regularly detailing your cars interior and exterior will extend the life of your car, thats a fact.

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