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How often should your car be maintained

  • From what I've seen and what I have come to understand there is no "too much" when it comes to detailing your car. If you have the money to do it, and the desire/need, then a weekly plan is not only great for always driving a clean car, but also keeping your car in great condition for its entire lifetime. 

  • You will not damage your car by detailing it as regularly as once a week, the opposite is true. Regular detailing will increase the life of your cars interior and exterior by years. Regularly protecting your cars dashboard, fabric, leather, and paint from the damaging effects of the sun and elements is an important part of car ownership.

  •  Maintenance is better than the cure. The cost of detailing a car that has been left to sit in dirt and grime versus the price for a maintenance detail is not even worth comparing. 

  •  Not everyone needs or can afford to pay for a weekly maintenance plan, and that is completely understandable. You may need need the bi-weekly or you have a show car that sits in a garage and only collects dust so you may only desire a detail every 8 weeks. Everyone is different and so are their needs., look over the plans and see which one fits your cars lifestyle. 

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