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At Raines Auto Detail we keep our volume low 

We believe each car, your car, should receive the attention to detail it deserves.


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RAD Detailing Services

Think of our Level One as the foundational level to detailing. 

For instance our Exterior Services build off of Level One by utilizing Machine Polishing and other techniques to provide you with more gloss and defect removal as you climb the levels. Giving you TRUE results that lasts years not weeks.

DISCLAIMER: Contrary to popular belief NOT all cars need a
Level 4 Paint Correction...In fact 90% of daily driven vehicles are recommended the Level 2 Gloss Enhancement. It is the perfect service to give your vehicle that notch up in curb appeal, while preserving your clear coats depth.
Check out the videos below if you would like a better feel for the different packages, you will find a more in depth video explaining our services or you can enter a first person view to perform a Level 3 One Step Paint Correction on a Porsche 911. You'll measure paint, polish, and check your results, notice the difference between the Paint Enhancement, One step Correction and Two Step Correction!

We're looking forward to putting our machines and expertise to work for you.

Exterior Detailing/Machine Polishing

Decontamination Wash
Level 1

The service is reserved for vehicles detailed frequently or returning clients only.

• Foam Pre-Treatment
​• Swirl free hand wash
• Wheel/Tires cleaned and dressed
• Polish glass to streak free finish
• Exterior 3 month sealant applied to paint and trim

Our Decon Wash removes the embedded contaminants that accumulates in  your cars clear coat preventing it from causing further damage. If contamination is left on your vehicle long enough they can cause major clear coat problems...possibly leading to premature paint failure (RUST)


Gloss Enhancement
Level 2

Looking for more curb appeal? This is for you!

This is our most popular Exterior Package!

The Gloss Enhancement service uses a machine polisher and soft polishing pads in combination with a fine polish to create a rich glossy look to your paint.

The ultimate goal here is to enhance the gloss and curb appeal by Jew king your paint to an incredible shine.  We are not actively chasing swirls/scratches or other paint defects with this service. 

• Decontamination bath 
• Clay bar to remove imbedded contamination
• Machine Gloss Enhancement
• Wheel decontamination
• Tires dressed
• Detail Glass to a streak free finish

* Upgrade to a One Year Ceramic Coating for $100…Finishes same day with this polishing service.

Vehicle Size Pricing-
Small- $225
Medium- $325
Large- $425


One Step Paint Correction
Level 3

One Step Paint Correction. This is where we begin to go after those swirls and scratches ruining the appearance of your cars paint and achieve high gloss in one step. 

Before we begin the paint is tested for depth to ensure safety. We try several different combinations of pads/compounds/polishes to find the right combo for your cars paint, to deliver the best results possible after one complete pass on your vehicle.

• Decontamination Wash
• Clay bar Treatment
• Wheel Decontamination Wash
• Exterior One-Step Paint Correction
• Detail Glass to a streak free finish
• Tire Dress
• Six month SiO2 sealant applied to paint and trim
Vehicle Size Pricing-
Small- $350
Medium- $450
Large- $550



Two Step Paint Correction
Level 4

A Two Step Paint Correction. This package will address as many exterior paint defects that a two step correction can remedy. Such as paint transfer, swirls, scratches that your fingernail don't catch on and bird dropping etches in clear coat. 

This service uses at least two separate polishers and pad sets, one to perform a heavy compound stage and one combination to perform a polishing stage to jewel your paint to a rich clarity. We aim for 90% swirl/defect reduction. 
This is a two day service.
- Decontamination Wash
- Wheel Decontamination Wash
- Exterior Two-Step Paint Correction
- Detail glass to streak free finish
- Tire Dress
- Six month SiO2 Sealant applied to the paint and trim.

- This is an excellent time to apply a ceramic coating. After two steps of polishing the paint will be at its most bare, this is the best surface for a ceramic coating to be applied to. This maximizes your protection and longevity.

* Add in the notes you would like ceramic protection after you schedule or simply choose the ceramic coating option listed and have this service included already 👍
Vehicle Size Pricing-
Small- $550
Medium- $650
Large- $750



Interior Detailing/Hot Water Extraction 

Interior Steam Detail
Level 1

This service is reserved for vehicles detailed on a regular basis and Returning Clients only. 

Level 1 utilizes compressed air and other tools to bring your car back to a like-new condition by deep cleaning dust and loose contamination from cracks and intricate areas, including your seats and carpeting. 

Carpets and seats will also be thoroughly dry brushed and vacuumed to remove loose materials. Dashboard, door panels, center console, vents and other small spots will be compressed air cleaned as well.

As you know, nothing feels better than a freshly detailed steering wheel! 

• Detailed vacuum of seats and floors
• Carpets-Seats dry brushed and vacuumed
• Door panels blown out & protected reapplied 
• Clean & Protect leather
• Compressed air dash, steering wheel, console, cup holders
• UV Protection reapplied to console area
• Detail and seal glass to a slick, streak-free finish

*Additional charges for excessive conditions such as pet hair may apply


Deep clean/hot water extration
Level 2

An intensive interior detail for vehicles that have not seen a detail in six months, to a year or more. 

Overtime, (especially if we eat in our cars…yes I’m guilty) Organic material embedds itself in materials causing odors, staining and other problems to arise. 

To bring your vehicle to a like new condition and combat any potential odor problems from arising we must perform a hot water extraction using professional carpet and upholstery chemicals to return your vehicle to a like new condition.

We use professional carpet and upholstery cleaning products designed to provide maximum cleaning power while remaining safe for fibers found inside vehicle interiors including alcantara.

• Complete interior shampoo/hot-water extraction of carpeting, cloth seats and trunk area
• Salt build up removal
• Detailed vacuum of seats and floors
• Forced air to blow out cracks, intricate areas
• Headliner wiped clean of dust and spot treated
• Rubber mats cleaned and conditioned
• Windows cleaned inside/out to streak free finish
• Door panel cleaned & protected
• Clean & Protect leather
• Clean & Protect dash, steering wheel, console, cup holders, door panels

* We recommend adding our Ozone Treatment service to kill remaining bacteria and odor. Ozone can even remove strong cases of smoke odor but results do vary.
*Additional charges for excessive conditions may apply



pet hair

Before an interior detail service can occur the pet hair must be removed from the surfaces before we can effectively detail them. This can be a very time consuming task to achieve therefore depending on the level of accumulation we may need to charge a pet hair removal fee for your interior detail. Pricing varies but there can be a fee of $50-$100 depending on accumulation and labor.

Wanting to dive deeper? check out a few of our videos!

*All details are subject to a pre and post walk through with customer present to set and meet expectations. If you have questions about what excessive conditions are, please message prior to service appointment.

*Pet hair, excessive stains, and vehicle size can factor into final price.
*All personal items removed prior to service. Pockets or private areas with items still in them, including trash, may not be serviced.