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  • What are some of the benefits of a Ceramic Coating?
    No need to wax the vehicle for the life of the coating, Ceramic coatings create a barrier that is significantly harder, more chemical resistant, and longer lasting than any wax or sealant. Dirt releases easier/faster, the resulting effect is much less time and effort needed to make your vehicle look like it has been freshly detailed. Marring resistance. While NOTHING is *"scratch proof*" some professional grade coatings do make the surface harder than original clear coat, greatly reducing the amount of swirl marks accumulated over time versus a non-ceramic coated vehicle with proper washing and drying techniques. Excellent gloss and aesthetic appeal. Our clients love having their vehicles Ceramic Coated, they still get compliments about the car having a \"just detailed look\" after a simple wash. Ceramic coatings provide excellent protection against harmful UV rays and chemicals far beyond any wax or sealant.
  • What are some of the downsides of a Ceramic Coating?
    Up front cost. While a Ceramic Coating may provide many benefits, the upfront cost is prohibitive to some. However, when calculating a prospective clients time, energy, product expense, or the cost of having a detailer wax or seal a vehicle 2-4x per year, the cost of a ceramic coating can be significantly less over the life of a vehicle.
  • Ceramic Coating Misconceptions
    Ceramic Coatings, like any other surface on a car, are susceptible to water spotting from hard minerals induced by many of our water sources, including acid rain. Washing the vehicle in the shade, early mornings, or late in the evenings in hot climates does help. Using good quality microfiber towels, a leaf blower or air compressor to help dry the vehicle quickly can help as well. Water spotting can be removed safely from most coatings but are not covered under any known coating warranty or guarantee as they are preventable. Ceramic coatings can still be scratched and swirled. While some coatings do provide a measurable degree of hardness vs. factory clear coat. No Ceramic Coating or any other known automotive protection is scratch proof.
  • Ceramic Coating After-Care Instructions
    After-Care instructions are include d with very Ceramic Coating in the form of a "Do Not Wash" tag. This tag is meant to be hung on your rear view mirror anytime your vehicle visits a different automotive service center. The last thing we want to see is your vehicles finish water spotted due to improper washing/drying methods. For now check out this illustration...Feel free to screenshot the imag e for later use!
  • What about having a Clear Bra added to the vehicle, should I have this applied before or after the ceramic coating, and does the ceramic coating work on it?"
    We recommend having any film products applied to your vehicle prior to having the ceramic coating applied. Not all Ceramic Coatings can be applied to paint protection film, however our coatings are PPF compatible.
  • How does a Ceramic Coating work?
    A Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer which bonds to the surface of your car, creating a long-term layer of protectionr on top of your paint. Professional Coatings are hard, thick and translucent...very similar to the appearance of glass. The Coating semi-permanently attaches to your car’s paint. The thickness of the coating gives the car a deep glossy appearance. It is applied by hand to the exterior of your car, covering it entirely, acting as a sacrificial layer of protection sealing your vehicle from the elements. Check out the video below from our partners at SB3 Coatings for a more detailed look at the science behind Ceramic Coatings!

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