Protection Packages starting at $225.00

Other than a home, purchasing a new car is one of the most expensive investments we will make. Its also one of the most thrilling things we can do, for many of us our cars are an extension of our pride and we love them!

We all know our new or new to us cars come with a warranty, but what about your vehicles paint? Wear and tear on the interior? 

Our harsh Wisconsin climate leaves our cars bombarded with road salt and other chemicals constantly. Prematurely rusting our paint, and causes damage to our interiors as well. 

That's where our New Car Protection Package comes in.

We offer Ceramic Coating protection that ranges 1-5 years, backed with a warranty.

New cars can often save money on our ceramic packages, due to less prep work needed to coat the surface. A level of polishing and decontamination is required with every coating job BUT with new cars its far less work on our part giving us the ability to pass those savings on to you!

Located at the bottom you will find our quote form, fill it out and we will get back to you with a few questions as soon as possible.

New Vehicle Protection Quote

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