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A Ceramic Coating?

Here is one prime example that I’m sure you’re seeing everyday on the roads now that winter weather is hitting. SALT, while salt keeps the roads from freezing it’s also what causes our vehicles to rust at an extreme rate. A ceramic coating provides a barrier between your vehicles exterior and the elements, think of it as a sacrificial layer that also happens to make your car look fantastic.

-The duration of the coating depends on which one you choose and how it’s maintained. While there certainly isn’t a lifetime ceramic coating, you can increase the duration with proper maintenance washing and keeping a look out for contaminants sitting on the coating.

-If you see a lifetime coating it may be best avoid it or ask some questions about it, the whole truth isn’t being told to you from the start. Coatings wear away just like everything in life, we can make them last a very long time with proper maintenance but be careful with bold claims like these.

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