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Chemical Decontamination- A crucial step in the Ceramic coating process.

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Chemical decontamination is the process we use right after we clay. The clay step is able to work out the looser or larger embedded materials but for the rest of the contamination hiding in your vehicles clear coat we need another option.

For that I choose Optimum’s Ferrex, for the strength and the low odor when compared to other decontamination products. This doesn’t smell good but if you’ve tried the others decon products this one is like Febreeze 👍.

Wash panel first,spray Ferrex on the painted surface's while avoiding glass. Let dwell 2-4 mins, agitate with soft microfiber towel if necessary, rinse with plenty of water. Always apply a sealant or at the very least a wax afterwards if your vehicle is not ceramic coated.

Here you can see the Ferrex reacting with the contamination, dissolving it out of your clear coat. This is important because we want to apply a ceramic coating over a clean contaminant free surface. Otherwise we're simply "sealing" in these oxidizing contaminants.

-Josh Raines

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