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How does your paint feel?

Definitely a weird question to ask I'll give you that lol but did you know taking a regular sandwich bag across the exterior of your car can actually tell you a lot.

If you’ve never done this before likely you’ll immediately realize your paint feels like sandpaper, even after you’ve washed it... these are imbedded surface contaminates that have worked there way into your clear coat.

Your car will never truly shine and give you that deep gloss as long as it’s left in this condition. These contaminants can also lead to premature oxidation, which is never good. No one wants a rusty car on their hands.

A clay bar is a tool we use that can be found at any auto parts store. Applying a clay lube and gently rubbing the clay bar along the surface will do wonders for your car’s appearance and most importantly extending the life of your vehicle.

(Clay bar being used)

As you can see even on what appears to be a very clean surface, the clear coat was quite contaminated, our clay bar shows what we pulled it out.

There are different types of clay bars, the one pictured above is a Mothers Speed Clay 2.0. Its a synthetic clay bar that works very well but requires a bit more lubrication to avoid marring in my opinion. Both are great but the plus of the synthetic is that of you drop it you can easily wash it off and re-use it. Standard clay bars are toast to me if you drop it even once, the risk of picking up the smallest pebble and having it leave a scratch is not worth it, just grab a new one.

(One Step Paint Correction)

Take it a step further and machine polish that same car to achieve a glossy finish 👌

-Josh Raines

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