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Own a Tesla?

The Door handles that slide out as you approach the Tesla are awesome. Every time I work on one I'm like a little kid lol. Plus it makes polishing around the door handles super simple compared to other vehicles thanks to them sliding out of the way.

But they have one downside...Water spots collect on them like crazy. Creating hard mineral buildups if not dealt with or dried properly.

Wash as much as you like but they are embedded....However we have a simple solution.

Applying a Chrome polish onto a microfiber towel and rubbing it in with firm even pressure you can remove these water spots and polish your chrome at the same time. Just buff off the leftover residue with a separate clean microfiber towel.

There are many chrome polishes on the market but when I need one I use Lat 26 Chrome Polish. They are actually a boating company so I can trust that they probably know a thing or two about designing a product to remove water spots effectively.

-Josh Raines

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