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Paint and Rock Chip Repair

Do you have rock chips?

Normally I don’t take jobs like this, I recommend a body shop for a full panel respray when it’s this bad.

But I took on the challenge and we’re happy with the results. This project makes normal rock chip repair look easy ✅

This shot was taken prior to beginning the touch up process.

First we have to wet sand each area to remove as much surface rust as possible.

Always use a sanding block, light pressure on the block is all that,s necessary.

If you've never wet sanded paint before I highly suggest allowing a professional to do it or practice on junk body panels. Those can be found at most scrap yards.

Next using a rotary buffer we remove the scratches left behind from the wet sanding process.

*Rotary polishers if used incorrectly can burn paint alarmingly fast, before using one I implore you to seek professional training so you know how to handle one and its


Next we clean each area with isopropyl alcohol undiluted to give us a clean surface for the paint to adhere to.

Two layers of factory matched touch up paint is applied followed by two layers of clear coat.

Following our process we were able to produce a high quality result for this client on this dramatic paint touch up job.

Jobs like this make the normal rock chip repairs feel like a breeze.

I highly recommend having this done prior to any ceramic coating application.


Josh Raines

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