Welcome to the Ceramic Coating page, down below you will find professional ceramic coatings specially picked, prepped and installed by us, your local certified installer. We feature SB3's full line of coatings plus our signature ceramic coating from IGL. KENZO, industry known for its beautiful gloss and silky smooth feel. 


Scroll down to choose your coating (think about how long you plan to keep your vehicle), and don't forget to look at the ceramic add-on section, chances are we might be able to do a little something extra.

We are the only SB3 Coatings location in Wisconsin and we are a Kenzo certified location for IGL Coatings North America. Kenzo is IGL's flagship ceramic coating, industry renowned and reserved only for select detailers who have proven their work and professionalism.

New to Ceramic Coatings?

Imagine a Ceramic Coating as a glass shell harder than your vehicles clear coat, made of microscopic particles that form a very fine, thin layer mostly invisible to the eye. Because these particles are so small, when applied to a finish, they seal all the pores making the surface not only extremely hydrophobic (water-repellent), but also resistant to UV, scratches, chemicals, extreme heat, and even our harsh winters (Salt!).



 Ceramic Coating Package


Two Layers Of IGL Kenzo


5 Year Ceramic Coating

Alpha is highly protective against light marring, UV Rays, bird bombs and salt. Alpha has a contact angle of 110 degrees, this allows for the self cleaning effect to perform.

Backed by a 5 year third party warranty, Alpha ceramic coating provides a permanent bond to your vehicles paint and will not be removed by harsh chemicals once fully cured.  



Starting at:

Add $500 To Any Exterior Service

*Level 2 Exterior Service Recommended at minimum for all ceramic coatings


One Year Ceramic Coating

SB3 Solo is a great entry level coating. It offers the same characteristics of both Alpha and Omega, except with one year durability. Solo provides incredible slickness and gloss. This coating only requires us to have the car for one day rather than two for the longer lasting coatings.


The slickness of Solo will help with hydrophobics making your car easier to clean. Solo has a dramatic darkening effect bringing out the gloss of your vehicle. 

This Ceramic Coating can be installed and picked up in one business day.

Starting at:

Add $100 To Any Exterior Service

*Level 2 Exterior Service Recommended at minimum for all ceramic coatings


Two Year Ceramic Coating

SB3 Omega forms a hardened bond to your vehicles paint, protecting your vehicle from highly damaging contaminants and will not be removed by harsh chemicals once fully cured. Our ultra Hydrophobic coating provides superior water repellency, easily exceeding any sealants capabilities exponentially. 


Starting at:

Add $200 To Any Exterior Service

*Level 2 Exterior Service Recommended at minimum for all ceramic coatings


Three Year Ceramic Coating

Don’t let the name fool you, SB3 Moto is perfect for your car or your motorcycle. Providing 3 years of ceramic coating protection, and the easy maintenance that comes with it.

This coating also has a trick up its sleeve, with the formula being designed to coat even the hottest parts of your bikes engine it’s protection can also extend to wheels!

Due to brakes reaching extremely high temperatures not just any ceramic coating will work.

SB3 Moto...your bike...your car...your wheels.


Starting at:

Add $300 To Any Exterior Service

*Level 2 Exterior Service Recommended at minimum for all ceramic coatings

Now Lets Protect The Rest of Your Vehicle

Ceramic Coating Add On's

Window Coating



Eco window was created specially for the windows for a super water repellent surface and water spots prevention with high wiper wear resistance. This allows for safe driving conditions during heavy rain, as the water will roll off at 32 mph.  Not only does it repel rain and dirt, your windows will defrost faster and ice scraping will be much easier. Retains gloss for two years and is hydrophobic for one.

Starting at $150 for all windows 

$100 for Windshield only

Headlight Restoration

Similar to plastic trim your headlights may eventually lose the battle with the Sun and its powerful UV light if they're left unprotected. Fortunately through a process of wet sanding and machine polishing we are able to bring most headlights back to life or improve them dramatically. After the work is finished your headlight will receive a coating to defend against UV light and the elements. 

Starting at $100 per headlight

Hi-Temp Wheel Coating



Our Wheel coating forms an interlocking glass-like finish on a molecular level with amazing protection. The result is the ceramic coated surface will have a higher resistance against high temperature brake dust, micro marring, chemical attack and staining that will last for up to one year. 

Add $100 to any exterior service/ Wheel faces only

Leather Coating



Eco Leather crosslinks with the surface of the leather to create an invisible layer that repels undesirable liquid, dirt, dye and UV-radiation. It can be applied on virtually any leather. The result is protection against unwanted liquids, dirt and stains without altering the flexibility, appearance or texture of the coated surface for twelve months. Due to the twelve hour cure time this add on can only be applied to vehicles booked for two days or more.

Add $100 To Any Interior Detail

Plastic Trim Restoration



Plastic trim fades as it ages, due to the environment, UV and a lack of protection over the years. Luckily for us we can restore your plastics back to the dark finish they used to be. By dying them and then adding a ceramic coating we are able to lock in the look for years to come. When you’re ready for results that last years and not weeks, we are here!

$100-150 For All Plastic Trim

Fabric Coating



Eco Fabric is a hydrophobic coating that protects your vehicles soft interior surfaces such as the seats and carpeting against water, liquids, dirt and stains. It does not affect the look or texture. Twelve months of worry free protection. 








Add $100 To Any Interior Detail

***All of our ceramic coating packages include in the price a detailed hand wash, clay, FERREX decontamination bath, at least a Level 2 Enhancement polish to add gloss and provide a smooth paint surface is recommended. The polishing step is crucial even for new vehicles, doing this properly prepares the paint's finish to ensure the coating chemically bonds properly. If you would like to upgrade to a level 2, 3 or 4 paint correction the extra price will be added on. For our warranty we ask that you come back every three to six months for an exterior detail, coating check and a sealant.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out, or go to the informational portion of this website! I look forward to providing your vehicle with excellent, lasting protection.

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